My cousin touches me, and makes rude gestures to me and my even younger cousin! what do I do now!?

We were at my Grandma's house (his moms) I'm 14, he's 13, he is a very large built boy, like, around 160lb and strong! When me, his younger sister (11) and hiself were in the computer room, he looked at me wierdly and shut the door and smirked at me and it really disturbed me, then I scowled at him and opened it back up as if to say 'back the f*#k up!' His sister wasn't looking, she was on the computer, we were standing behind her.

My younger cousin is 11 (female), he asks to touch her bra, and when we were once playing hide and seek ( I did it to make them all shut up, I know I'm too old for it.) I hid under the camp bed in the spare room, and my younger cousin let's call her (A) hid under the 'actual bed' in the rooms' sheets, he found her immediatly! Not knowing I was watching unded the other bed, and he dragged her out, climbed on top on her so his legs were either side of her, and pinned her wrists back above her head, she was scared my this and said get off of me! And kicked him in the groin some how, he laughed and said shut up, then I jumped out and said 'dude! Wtf are you doing! You need to stop this weird stuff! We're your cousins!' He just laughs when I tell him he's being pervy! He continues to wag his tongue and me in a sexual way, and sqeezes my boob when I walk past when no one is looking. I was sitting down with his younger sister in the bedroom upstairs, when he walked in I got scared and started to get up, he shut the door so I sat back down and asked what was goin on down stairs, he said nothing and laid across the bed to reach my leg and he poked my vagina, I had jeans on, and he said 'Pusssaayy' then laid across me, I had to slap him with all my strengh and kick and punch and scream to get him offa me, the whole time I was hitting him he was laughing. When I got free I said I'm going to tell his mom he grabbed my foot ( he was lying on the floor when I pushed him off me,) I ran downstairs and before I could talk he told his mom he wanted to go!


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You just made yourself look so stupid, i mean on his moms side, like, his moms MOM! my dad and his mom are brother and sister, *****! therefore his moms mom is our grandma! I swear this is not a troll! I need help on this! Im sorry i didnt explain better, i ran out of words, it said i had reached my limit, if you have noticed, i wrote quit a lot.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Honestly I think you should get your parents/carers to talk to his, things like that will most likely lead to rape at an older age, by the sound of it he's some guy who's a lard *** and hasn't hit puberty yet, if he tries again kick him straight in the nose. But get your parent/carer to talk to his, this can become a serious cause especially with the bob grabbing and poking in the vagina. BTW I'm 14 too

  • 8 years ago

    Wow...quiet a story, troll.

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