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What does it mean when a guy does this? Please answer? I'll answer yours!!!!!!!?

Im not overreacting. Ever since the first day of school, (3months ago)he has been staring at me. He doesn't smile, just stares. I'm in 8th grade and he's a new 7th grade teacher. He's probably in his early 20's. I have to pass his class to get to mine. When he's near me, he'll look at me and act like he's occupied with something. he was staring at me and he looked like he was going to smile, but he didn't. most times he'll look at me and look away really quick like he wasn't looking at me. He hasn't looked at me in a week and yesterday he started back looking at me.(he was standing outside of his classroom) he looked at me down and up and back down(someone was talking to him&he was still looking at me.)(I saw this out the corner of my eye) I'm not a bad student and he doesn't know me.

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    He's one of those pedophile teachers who wants to have sex with kids like you probably. He might just be curious but I really doubt it. Talk to someone about it

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    Make a joke with him if you get a chance to talk to him and asking him jokingly why he has been staring.

    If he denies it and gets defensive then he isnt worth the effort and will just cause you more problems.

    Or you may get talking and something could happen from there :)

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    Maybe the teacher finds you attractive or resembling someone he knew like maybe his sister. Try to greet him one time saying, Good Morning sir and know how he would react or respond to a student like you. don't smile just be normal as would any student.

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    This sounds kind of shady. If he's making u uncomfortable DEFINITELY talk to a counsellor or another teacher you can trust. U may just be paranoid as well. I hope this stops!!!!

    (I need love advice too, so please answer my question as well!!)

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    he is not a "guy"

    he is an adult


    whatever you think is going on

    is not


    it would be inappropriate and illegal

    like a FELONY

    jail time

    for HIM


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    Think, why would he do that? He's obviously wants a showdown in a staring contest with u!! jk, idk that's really one creepy teacher...Try asking him why??

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