Signs my girlfriend thinks I'm a bad kisser?

my girlfriend and i just started dating about a week ago and we have made out quite a bit within that time however I feel like she doesn't like the way i kiss. She is a very shy girl so she wouldn't be one to tell me outright if she thought i was a bad kisser. she also never initiates any kissing but again that may be just because she is shy. But if there are any, what would be some signs to look for if she did not in fact like the way i kiss?

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    Don't take the lead, let her. Move in close and see what she does. I repeat, don't take the lead! Move in close and linger there if you must for a few seconds. If she still doesn't come in to meet your lips, go in slow and press your lips against her's lightly. Then pull away just a bit. Chances are she will like that, and she may come in for more. If not, then she will at least appreciate that tenderness you just showed.

    If she comes in for more, let her take the lead. By seeing how she kisses, you will see what she likes. You'll be able to see what you were doing wrong very clearly.

    Don't get lost in lip wrestling. Feel what she is doing with her lips, and feel her lips with yours. Use your tongue like you are petting something, not poking something...keep it soft and relaxed, not pointy and stiff. Girls don't like that unless they have been with you long and like the dominance. This point of the relationship is about expressing mutual love :)

    I hope this helped!


    1. Move in, linger.

    2. Soft peck on her lips.

    3. Pull lips away, but stay close to see if she comes back for more

    4. Let her lead.

    5. Observe her sexualness! :)

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    Bad Girlfriend Signs

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