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I eat only cream cheese?

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and all I eat is cream cheese. If I eat anything else I throw up something awful. I eat it all day and If I don't I feel like I'm sick. What does this mean? Is it bad? Am I sick?

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    Your not sick, your just pregnant. Early on in pregnancy morning sickness can be horrible so I hear I didn't have it hardly at all. Sometimes you can only stomach one thing. Which is fine. Cream cheese does not have much nutritional value to it, but if it is all you can eat then eat away. You might want to try spreading it on saltine crackers too just glob it on there to get more substance to your diet. Take your prenatals daily, and try to drink some light juice and milk. And don't worry after the first trimester I hear morning sickness gets better and sometimes goes away completely. But like I said I didn't have it really. And they call it morning sickness, but it really is all day sickness lol sorry not really funny. Just eat what you can, try some light fruit like apples with cream cheese, or spread it on some celery. If you can't stomach that still then it is ok. Soon your appetite will return. Just make sure the cream cheese is pasteurized.

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