I need advice!!!! There is this boy who likes me but now is being pressured into asking this other girl out!!!?

First of all, I am in middle school in 8th grade! There is this guy who i know likes me because of all the hints he has been giving me.....

He would always say my hair looks pretty or if I can help him with a project or something... IN THE MORNING, HE WOULD KEEP SAYING HI AND START SMILING!!!!

It got really annoying after a while when he always asked me a bunch of questions or started to compliment me!!!

Ohh yeah, I need to add that I am now really becoming popular and I am not exactly showing that I like him. But, this other popular girl came into the picture and told his friends that she really likes him, so now he might ask her out!!!!!


I do flirt with him a lot but, I guess since I got popular that he is afraid to ask me out?!

Plus, I am a really good friend that is a girl of his.....

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  • 8 years ago
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    He might like you. Hang out with him more and dont flirt with other guys.

    Source(s): Lucky. When i was in 8th grade last year i thought my crush was all sweet and kind and caring until he rejected me and a week later asked me for a sexual favor with no strings attached. What a ****.
  • 4 years ago

    perhaps you need to ask him how he feels about you first earlier jumping in to asking him out with the aid of the indisputable fact that could want to scare him and also you'll nicely be proper he might want to experience like you may want to reject him because youve develop into extra generic, in case you do not ask him you'll under no circumstances recognize :)

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