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What is this pain between my teeth?

I've had this for quite a while and it's starting to worry me a bit. This is going to be quite hard to explain but I'll try. So, I have a brace on my top set of teeth at the moment and the exact space where my front tooth and the tooth to the left of it meet (not the other front tooth) there's a shooting pain whenever I try to floss between that gap, especially if I put my finger nail in that little space and push up or sideways. The weird thing is though, is that I don't notice it at all when I eat, and it's not sensitive to hot or cold. I only ever notice it when I apply direct pressure between those two teeth.

I thought that maybe since I have a brace and my teeth are all being yanked towards the front of my mouth, maybe that was just making it a bit painful and sensitive in that one place. It couldn't be cavities could it? I don't eat/drink loads of sugary or sweet things, and I'm only 16. I don't really know though, what are your thoughts on what could be wrong? Is it anything serious? I really hope not because I'm absolutely petrified of having my teeth messed with.

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    Where your braces basically pull your teeth together it stretches your gums .. which irritates the tooth but once your teeth are fixed no longer will this problem occour

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