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Impact asked in Social SciencePsychology · 8 years ago

Walked out on a date? Did I do the right thing?

So I was out with my friend and I saw a cute girl reading something, I told him ill be back and ran over, talked to her a bit got her number and gave her a giant hug! She had a huge smile on her face. We scheduled to meet up a few days later and then she was close to canceling because she drank the night before and she didn't want to show up in a really depressed and down light. I'm like its cool just come we can hang relax whatever, she rocked up and the weather was terrible, she was dressed in a pretty dress, it didn't work. We went into a store got her a top and she felt more secure and happy, we flirted and talked she was into it, we then went to get food and out of nowhere she blew up and went crazy.


I'm like......... w t f. I'm like your sounding crazy, you sure your alright, and she started yelling then went up the escalator in a busy shopping center in a tantrum... I kinda held my food then my mind said (get the **** out of there shes a psycho), so i turned around and just walked out off the building, didn't say goodbye or anything.

She messages me 10 min later, "Where did you go"? But i never replied and just deleted her number. Now I meet girls all the time, and shes really cute, I never expected that reaction, WTF happened? My friend thinks she may have used drugs the night before and I think shes a psycho just took a while to come out... either way as a guy I'm confused. She seemed like a hot girl next door, I really didn't get a party drug ***** vibe from her until she told me about her hangover...

Would you have walked out too? What do you guys and girls make of this?

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  • Sarah
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    8 years ago
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    **** yeah I would of walked out! Definitely sounds like drugs. What a psycho b****.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    not sure if you did the right thing my man but it's possible that the reason she seemed psychotic is that she might have had low blood sugar and needed some food in here fast. some people are hypoglycemic and need to eat very regularly or they either get lethargic or manic depending on the person. it might just have been this or she could just be psycho. live and learn buddy.

    Source(s): some medical training..
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Pretty girls always turn out to be psycho.

  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like she may have been drunk or on LSD.

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