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This is probably a dumb question. Should I still floss if I have tartar/plaque on my teeth? I don't know?

if that would irritate it further? I guess that's my logic. Is there anything I can do to really combat it? Or should I just go to the dentist?

After really looking at it, I will start being more routine about taking care of them. I don't know if it's too late and I should just give up and make an appointment :(

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    YES, because if you don't the tartar will get thicker. Even though floss or brushing will no longer remove the buildup, you need to keep brushing and flossing to minimize the buildup. More buildup = more gum problems.

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    8 years ago

    Keep flossing! Never stop flossing. I would go see your dentist ASAP, cause if it is calculus/tartar, it has to be professionally removed.

    Remember to brush at least 2 times a day and floss 1x a day at least.

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