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Can i put two 2 inch turtles in a 20 gallon tank?

I understand all the neccesary and mandatory requirements and the 10 gallon per inch rule. but i have a 20 gallon tank and was wondering if i can put two 2 inch turtles in a 20 gallon tank or would i have to double the gallons since it's 2 turtles? if not then i'll put two 1 inch turtles in it, but how long would they grow to 2 inches in that?


it's a 20 gallon long tank****

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    THAT IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM! THE PERSON ABOVE ME DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE IF TURTLES!!! You can only put 1 two inch turtle, or 2 one inch turtles. It will take then around 2 months to grow one inch if feed properly.

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    That is more than enough room! I have a six inch turtle and a four inch turtle, both different kinds, living in a twenty gallon tank for four years now and they're fine!

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    nicely I certainly does no longer recomend it . Heres why . Bettas are extremely dominte fish . They do attack different fish yet there are some fish that could circulate in with them. i do no longer think of the betta with the turtle will artwork . try making yet another tank for basically the bettas . I promise you will like it . i want to propose getting a woman betta and in case you want to place different fish in together with her you ought to get yet another woman yet no longer a male . in case you want to place something else besides yet another betta together with her then stay faraway from bright colored fish,barbs, danios, tetras stay faraway from those because of the fact they nip on the fins of the bettas. So basicly get backside feeders like ghost shrimp ,catfish, kuhli loaches and so on. desire I helped { slightly information I even have been breeding and keeping bettas for over 5 years now , so i be responsive to slightly relating to the subject be counted)

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