should i buy this acura rsx?

i'm currently a senior in high school. i have 3,000 saved up for a car and i just recently found a 2002 rsx. im aware that these cars typically start at 6,000 for used. the one i'm interested in is selling for 4,800 and the owner is willing to allow me to pay in increments until i pay him off. i just test drove the car yesterday. after reading the consumer reviews of the car, i can agree as well that it is a bit loud and drives a bit rough....two things i fell in love with instantly :) apparently i was driving in the "extra shift" next to drive. no idea what its for but i loved the sound it produced. if i were to get this car, i wont drive it in that gear because the car felt like it was working too hard, poor thing. but if anyone could tell me what that gear is for, i would highly appreciate it :) i did notice a dent in the front bumper, something i wasn't aware of prior to viewing it, which is how i was able to knock a hundred off the original price but now after thinking about the car over and over again, it has been a bit of a turn off. i should have taken a picture of it because now i can't remember how bad it looked. it obviously wasn't too repulsive for sure. the interior: very clean floors and trunk. it is a ten year old car so the leather is a bit worn but definitely something i was able to overlook. what are seat covers for :) with all this being said, i like the car. i'm extremely in love with these cars primarily because of their style and also because you never see them on the road. i really hate newer cars: they all look the same and everyone has them....and maybe it's just me but they're starting to get uglier by the, you are really starting to disappoint. but i must remember, i live in a world filled with materialistic socialites who can't seem to get their head out of the *** of the next follower....but i digress. the reason why i've made this post is because my mom brought it to my attention that not many teenagers my age have the amount of money i have saved up. she said that if i saved up just a little bit more i could find a newer car that's also registered. (apprently the acura isn't registered or something like that. i dont know much about cars and their requirements but i was already prepared to take care of those things if needed to) her saying this made me realize that i could possibly save some more money to find a "better" car, which has me stuck between two decisions: continue to save or purchase the acura. even if i were to agree on the acura, i still need to get it inspected. i wouldn't dare buy a car without getting a professional mechanic to tell me whether is a good vehicle or not. i forgot to mention that this car does have 130,000 miles on it; something i was worried about at the beginning but i do know that if maintained well (something i would do with both an older or newer car) the car will last me for awhile. bottom's an acura, a luxery car of better last. i'm really one to get straight to the point but just wanted everyone to fully understand. getting this car inspected will cost me 78.00, i need some advice by tomorrow!! why would i spend 78 bucks on a car that i may not even want at the end of it all?!!

please help me out. im a lovely girl but a tomboy at heart hence the difficulty in passing up this sweet acura rsx ;]

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  • Henry
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    8 years ago
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    This appears to be a case for Dr. Phil.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Comptech grew to become into meant to be popping out with an S/C yet I dont think of they ever did. i comprehend they do make a speedier equipment for the backside (even regardless of the undeniable fact that that's approximately $3800). Cybernation makes the kits, and there are in fact a pair of 250+ hp RSX automatics obtainable. shop some money, learn stick and purchase a sort-S.

  • Chrys
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    8 years ago

    YA is not a place for stories....we don't care what you look like or really what you want to buy...this is a question/answer forum...simple questions that don't take 30 mins to read, mostly about nothing.

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