Hello I am 15 years old And my heart is Aching?

This is not a joke... when I was 3 I had a surgery because I had a hole in my heart which was so expensive... now 12 years later I am sometimes experiencing Heartache And I don't know what to do cuz we are kind of broke so I cant go to a doctor this is a third world country... Can some Doctors out there guide or tell me what I am experiencing? Is my heart having a hole again? is it opening? Water dose'nt cure it because My aunt is a half nurse... she didn't graduate so she dosn't know much

Your help will be greatly appreciated Thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    Greetings from India =)

    Im sorry to hear about your predicament, I hope you feel better soon. Contact your local hospital, and tell them about your budget problems. Maybe they can arrange something, where you pay a little bit now and pay the rest when you have more money later.

    Do you know of any family doctors that may be living near you? They may be able to help, and i'm not sure but I think they may be considerably less expensive. I really wish you the best, I hope you get better.

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