is it weird to wear a sports bra even when ur not exercising?

ok so im a 34C and when i wear some things like sweaters, they just look all tight around my boobs even when i get them a size bigger! so would it be bad if i wore a sports bra instead of a bra, and if i did wear a sports bra would it make my boobs kinda look like a uniboob, or just smaller/flatter? and what sports bras do you recommend? thx!

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    if you get a compressing one, i t will give you a squished uniboob look, but you should try underwire, cupped ones that support and seperate breasts, but still press them down enough to appear smaller and reduce bouncing significantly. I'd recommend these: (i'm recommending 32d bras instead of 34c bras becuase they'll have the same cup volume, just better supported becuase sports bras have such stretchy bands).

    and these:

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    You may wear any bra that gives you the look you want. This is a personal choice. Have you tried any of the minimizer bras? They do a good job of keeping your shape but reducing the amount of projection of your breasts. If you haven't, go to a reasonably good lingerie department & have the saleslady help you choose the right one. Don't be shy, it's their job to make you look your best so that you will be happy & come back as a repeat customer. I have found that the younger clerks aren't quite as easy to do this with as someone who might be more your mom's age. Just my feelings, though. Good luck!

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    nicely, I try this for music because of the fact i'm too lazy to take off my cup bra and positioned on my activities bra. . And the actuality that when I run each and every so often it makes my boobs injury because of the fact each and every so often they're tender. . anyhow, i assume that's not strange oftentimes, because of the fact I knew a woman who could continually positioned on 2 cup bras .. anyhow, sorry for blabbing even nonetheless that's going to be nice.

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    hell no.! i LOVE sports bras. they do the same thing as a real bra (support) but they're much more comfortable. i wear my sports bra to school, around the house and when i sleep too. it has no wire and is great.!

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    no i think ur good and i recommend victorias secret sports bras just look for one with out padding:)

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    nope its fine lots of girls wear sports bras as regular bras!

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    Nah, it's fine.

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