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Is it possible that I can still get my CNA license in the State of Washington?

I completed my training in April 2011, and passed the written examination and the skills evaluation in May 2011. Am I still able to apply for my license even though I have waited too long? Or do I have to take the class again?

Thank you!

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    Good question; you might need to contact their Board of Health Professionals:

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    You cant because of the fact you ALREADY BROOKE THE regulation! Did you no longer hear your self you once you reported you're an unlawful alien??? DUH!!!! you're no longer a complicated worker and you're no longer a good human b/c you're breaking the regulation familiar you're right here. suggestion: circulate back on your u . s . a ., do your workplace work, stand in line. Then, whilst its your turn, you may come right here and get a licence, a vehicle, and pay for coverage AND TAXES!

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