My boyfriend told me his ex girlfriend is "like his bestfriend"? Ok or not ok?

He was telling me that he wants me to go with him to his ex's niece's bday party since (these where his exact words) "we're like bestfriends". WTF. I am not okay with this. Why would you want to remain a close friendship with someone whom you've had an intimate relationship w/? I just feel awkward about that situation especially since i was not aware that he still kept in contact with his ex.

Am I overreacting? What should I say to him?

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    8 years ago
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    TBH i do not think you're over reacting! If my boyfriend say that my heart would shatter into pieces because a BFF is someone that means a lot to you, and since it was his ex you never know what can happen, a little something something leads to a big something something :) I think you should sit down with him and talk to him, talk to his ex to and see what they say, also mention to him about the little something something leads to the big something something :)

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    4 years ago

    nicely how long have you ever men been going out for? Is it a solid relationship? Has he ever cheated on you or the different girlfriends formerly? i do no longer think of you ought to thoroughly bounce to conclusions, basically consult with him gently and permit him be responsive to the way it makes you sense. And believe me you do no longer want to return off as that "loopy lady chum". My boyfriend has old numbers from girlfriends saved too, ones that have cheated on him and his clarification became he needs to shop them so he's accustomed to who it is that in the event that they call and so he would not ought to respond to it. i do no longer like it and think of that's a dumb fu*cking excuse yet i be responsive to he would not consult with them in any respect so that's regardless of. desire I helped

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