What if your around 67 years old and you have prostate cancer for about 2 years already can you survive it?

If a doctors caught someone's prostate cancer too early and they are about 67 and a man if course..and they were diagnosed in 2010 with prostate cancer and they are still living are their chances of surviving still possible if treated? Like will the prostate spread year after year? I hope not because I have a family member that had prostate for 2 years now and I'm hoping they will recover so is their still hope????!!!!! I hope so. :-( the thing is it wasn't caught early but it wasn't caught really late either so does my parent still have a chance of living!??? Please I hope someone says yes or hopefully..plz I hope you guys won't say my family relative won't make it!

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    8 years ago
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    There is no such thing as catching a cacer too early.

    The only way to cure this cancer is with surgery and that would have been recommended if it were caught early and no other treatment would be needed.

    Most of these cancers are slow growing and men can live with it for several years and often die from other causes.

    Source(s): I am a cancer registrar.
  • 8 years ago

    A 67 year old man has a predetermined life expectancy. Prostate cancer will not change this. There will be a difficult life style change, but he should live 10 years.

    Source(s): stage 4 cancer
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