Any tips on studying effectively?

Hello I'm gonna start school soon but I'm not the brightest one /: I want to be the smartest woman in my class. I want to make a good career for myself i know i can do it. Any one have any study tips? Thanks a bunch

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  • 8 years ago
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    Take lots and lots and lots of notes. My usual method has been around 4 days before the test, condense all the notes taken into my own words and make a new little note package out of it. Write more on what you struggle most with. Also, if there's are some concepts you just do not understand, ask a classmate or your prof. You want to be done writing the note package at least the day before the test, then spend the one day you have left looking over your note package. Good luck :)

    Source(s): I'm a university student
  • 4 years ago

    to study extra on your on a daily basis need to well known that why you want to study.We study exceedingly to make our life extra constructive interior the destiny.So in case you recognize the courting between life and study,not some thing will be a difficulty.

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