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What do you do with a turtle that has a broken shell?

I found a pore lost turtle with a broken shell what do i do?

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    That unfortunately is a problem you can do virtually nothing about. Only a vet can take care of that, typically I would be able to tell you something to try before you resort to a vet but there is literally nothing you can do for a broken shell.

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    First-Aid measures:

    Rinse the shell under the cold tap making sure to flush all dirt and debris out of the cracks.

    Dry the shell gently with paper towel

    Paint neat Betadine [povidone iodine] solution (never use the dry spray) over all the cracks or [if you can get it] Silver sulfadiazine [Flamazine] creame.

    If the cracks are open more than 3 mm (1/5th inch) wrap the whole shell with light weight cotton bandage where the cracks are.

    Keep warm - 80ºF and quite [cardboard box with newspaper on floor is suitable.

    If the cracks are just "hair-line" then repeat the bathing and antiseptic applications daily until healed - usually many weeks.

    For open cracks you really need to consult a specialist reptile vet.


    Source(s): 50+ years of reptile keeping. Member of the BHS Education Committee - http://thebhs.org/ Monitor Lizard & Tegu Specialist. 4-R Reptile Rescue Service
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    What you want to do is find a Turtle Rescue so they can help the Turtle;

    just go to your seachbox and type: your town state and Turtle Rescue; then see which ones are in your area; in the meantime; find a plastic tub; fill the tub about !0 inches of warmish water; put the turtle in the tub; do not worry about feeding the turtle; the turtle wants to rest in shallow water; the turtle does not want to swim in the water; he wants to rest only so make sure the water is shallow enough so he can reach the top; you could also type WILDLIFE REAHBILITATOR then type your state; if you live in Conn. I could look at the turtle and give u more advice; thnx ar

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    It should be taken to either a veterinarian who has experience with treating turtles, or a wildlife rehabilitator. If you aren't planning to keep the turtle, there should be no charge. If it's a wild turtle and a species that's native to your location, it will be released into a safe area after its injuries have healed.

    Source(s): I have two friends who are licensed wildlife rehabilitators
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    you know you was close inside the turtle is soft flesh his shell is his backbone if he was to break the shell he would die if you want to save the turtle buy it from him get on the net and pull photos of turtles then explore with him on the facts its great and fun too, then he might appreciate the turtle more its as close to a dinosaur as he is gonna get tell him that good luck but keep an eye on him and the turtle....

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    Take it to a vet that deals with reptiles. I've heard that if the shell is not cracked really bad it can be fixed. Remember a turtles spine is fused to the inside of the shell so hopefully his spine is not affected.

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    You should take him to a vet quickly. Put him in a box with some towels so he doesn't get jerked around, then find the nearest vet for reptiles and ask them to help him. You shouldn't have to pay, since he isn't yours. I'm not sure though. I doubt it. You can also phone any nearby reptile rescues.

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    help it survive

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