I kissed a girl, but got no feelings to her?

So yesterday after a prom, I walked a friend - girl home, I was pretty in mood after drinks I drank so I wanted her to give me some reward because I walked her to her home. She then gave me a kiss on my face.

I wanted more so I let her figure out what that ''more'' means, she couldnt figure so I told her I want a kiss on lips.

She disagreed, told me to go home that I'm drunk etc. After a long trying, I gave up and said something like - Okay, see ya then with a sad face -

She then called me back and we kissed on lips, even touched with our tongue.

What do you guys think about that she disagreed to kiss on lips firstly?

And how come I got no special feeling like faster heartbeat when I kissed her..

What can I expect from this actions I did, should I contact her?


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  • 8 years ago
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    She knew you were drunk so the kiss doesn't t mean anything. She probably kissed you after saying no because she felt bad for rejecting you, it was out of pity. Being drunk caused you to be horny. Their were no real feelings involved so don't think anything of the kiss.

  • 8 years ago

    Since your were drunk she didnt want to taste that when you if you two were kissing. But she probably felt bad that you asked for a kissed and she said no . She probably thought about it during the time she said no. And im guessing why you didnt get that fast heartbeat during the kiss was because you were to drunk to feel it maybe ? But happy holidays.

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