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I dont want to play baseball anymore?

Im a sophomore in high school. Ive been playing since i was little so im really good. Ive played on the freshman team last year but now im having second thoughts if i even want to do this anymore. I dont want to play because i just didnt really enjoy it and i guess i was just overwhelmed and i actually want to do something else and experience other aspects of high school other than sports. I know my Dad is going to be upset if i decide i don't want to play. He said i could miss scholarship opportunities and im just being lazy and dont want to put the time on stuff . I could understand the scholarship opprotunities because its not like my family is rich. Anyway i just want to narrow down my choices to just play basketball and do theatre and music so i wouldnt be as stressed and have a well balanced life and not just always play sports year round like i been doing all my life

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    when i see these questions i think of a 6 year old with a poopy face whining.

    If you don't want to play anymore, then don't. Your dad should not be even part of the decision.

    All you have to say is that you still like the game, but not enough to play it anymore, and you would like to focus on just basketball or music or whateverr.

  • Well, I can see where you and your dad are coming from. Think about it this way... Scholarships for baseball (or any sport in general) is very very slim. Academics are the main scholarships given out to high school students. As long as you keep your grades up and do well on you SAT/ACT that will help you get in to college on "scholarship" and it will show your dad you aren't being lazy. Also make sure you follow your dreams, because I'm sure your father wants you to be happy and if theatre or basketball, etc is your dream. Your father would love to see you happy ad pursuing your dream.

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    I played all my life and throughout high school. I too wanted to give it up because i felt suffocated by it. I soon realized it was a huge mistake, I found a new appreciation for the game. Basically you need to think about every aspect of this decision, such as is it affecting your grades? will you regret this decision later? Only you will know what decision to make because everyone is different and we all choose our own paths. But from my experience, if you are good you should definitely stick it out til the end.

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    i have been playing baseball since i am 5 yrs old. i absolutely love it. ive played on travel teams and leagues. however, i too am a sophomore in high school, and i didnt even try out for the team. i completely understand you not wanting to try out. everybody thinks im good enough, and my family wanted me to play also. at my school, they have winter workouts. it was crazy how much running and conditioning we had to do, so i stopped going. i told my family by saying that it would have been too much of a commitment, and i wouldnt have been able to play and keep up good grades (plus im really into my music now, so it would have taken away from my practicing music). just tell your father you think its too much of a commitment and he should understand! hope this helped

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    Personally i think your dad should accept that you don't want to play anymore. I mean all your parents want are you happiness. Although the baseball scholarship could help you could try an academic scholarship. Then you could have a scholarship and not have to do something you don't want to. Hope I Helped :)

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    why precisely do they prefer you taking section in baseball? how isn't taking section in a recreation going to enable the completed family individuals down? you want to inform them you've different plans in options. you want to do what makes you satisfied and baseballs merely not doing it for you. is there a probability you may perhaps play yet another recreation you may like? if all else fails you may attempt getting kicked off the crew. not particular that is reliable suggestion yet yea.

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    You could make some serious money from baseball so you might want To think about it in the long run.

    Plus Speak to your dad and see how he reacts and just tell him how you really feel. One last thing don't just do what others tell you ( bit ironic on this site really ) but do what makes you happy.

    Good luck :)

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    YOUR RIGHT!!!! look here it's your life noy your dad's. man it not like he can just take over (DEPENDING ON WHO IS YOUR DAD) but yea man the stuff you just said you want to do are also open for scholarship opprotunities. DO WHAT YOU LIKE WHAT YOU LOVE CAUSE YOUR IN YOUR YOUTH YOUR NEVR GOING TO HAVE A CHANCE LIKE THIS AGAIN!!! except with your son or daughter. make it count i hope i help cause this is my first answer on yahoo

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    Don't play baseball. It's your life. There are other scholar ships you can get--music scholarships, academic scholarships.

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    You could just play basketball and do theater. It's your life not your dads life.

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