HELP running away, skip school, fights!?


I am senior at high school and I have though about doing something. These days have been pretty tough, fights with parents feeling lonely and tired. All this because of my studies.

Mom is mad at me, I understand why and she is right about it. But here is the thing, today I didn't want to study I felt lazy, so I took a magazine and started reading it. I've put in my book so when she gets in I can quickly hide it. BUT no luck she asked "what are u doing?" Me: nothing I'm studying"

Mom: "let me see"

She looks and finds the magazine she was really mad and screamed AGAIIN! ( yes because I did it yesterday too..) she slapped me, not once or twice, but several times and this isn't the first time she does it but well, I got used to it.

I started crying I felt like crap, the fact that I wasn't studying, I said to myself that I would never succeed if I continue like that. I'm a lazy person, I procrastinate a lot, I admit. But I don't fell that its the only reason why I don't study.. I n think my mom is a reason too. But of course she will just say " you never help with cleaning, I just want you to study but u don't, you're good at nothing!!!" And starts yelling and screaming and saying ugly names to me

Once again she is right but I'm sure there is something wrong with her too. I'm always in my room, studying or pretending to study. I don't have a life, I almost never go out. I feel like crap, i hate what I've had become. It's not that I don't want to study it's just that I don't I don't do it and I don't know why. I really want to succeed in my life, I'm a serious perso but there are phases in my life when everything goes wrong..

I'm 17 and in 3 weeks I'll turn 18. I felt disguised the fact that my mom still slaps me. It's awefull, crappy I hated my self at tht moment.

So, I've been thinking that tomorrow I will skip school. I know it's bad, but I really want to do it. Just to go out and fell free. I've never done this before so I'm nervous but excited at the same time. It can be fun sometimes to just break the law.. I will experience that for the first time tommorow. I don't know how to explain it but I fell like that I will benefit from doing this. To just go out and fell free.

(May be you could explain me a little bit about this " breaking the law feeling" :)

Please don't tell me that I shouldn't do it. I just wanted to share this with completely strangers..

Could you guys just give me some advice.. Or help me out?

Thanks in advance

PS: I live in France ( could you guys tell me if my English is good enough? )


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  • ck
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    8 years ago
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    Your English is very good and I would not have known you were from France if you would not have told us. Good job!

    To the should not skip school tomorrow as it is wrong and will only make things worse. Yes, the feeling of freedom is important but by doing wrong things to get it will only make it worse in the long run. You have already told us you know it is wrong but in all honesty I can't say as I blame you given what you have said.

    As to breaking the law,it is the feeling of adventure, the adrenaline rush of being caught or not being caught. You are relying on artificial stimulants to give you this feeling. I am sure there is something in your past that makes you want this type of adventure.......breaking the rules/law rather than typical accomplishments.

    Your mother obviously has some issues. Can't speak to the norms in France, but repeatedly slapping a child is not acceptable and will lead to problems in the relationships. There is no wonder you want to rebell and skip school and break the law. Abusing your child rather than encouraging and supporting them is not the way to help a child grow and develop. You know what she is doing is wrong and will only hurt your relationship with her. The best you can do is show her that you are the better person..........but it will be very hard for you and you will have to reach down inside of yourself for this strength.

    You are certainly in a very hard situation and it will be hard for you to not break the law, skip school, or continue to get into problems with your mom. Remember it is not all your fault and you can suceed if you take charge of your life and balance out school and play.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    the main considered necessary section is why you probably did it, or why college concerns much less to you. right here comes the standard lecture yet i'm hoping in a distinctive way. It helped a 17 300 and sixty 5 days previous woman exchange that stuff, possibly it will sink in for you besides could. I advised her she grew to become into virtually a grown woman and mandatory to start up being concerned approximately herself and what grew to become into happening to her. What we do now impacts our destiny. do no longer you opt for for that to be an excellent one? i do no longer understand what's occurring yet in spite of it particularly is, trashing your man or woman life won't help any. looking somebody you have confidence and who will easily attempt that can assist you paintings issues out could carry out a little good. think of a few instructor, counselor, cleric, etc. you think of will carry out a little good, no longer basically somebody you want.

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