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Two boxes are on a frictionless ramp that has an incline of 30°. Box A has a mass of 25 kg and Box B has a mass of 10 kg. What is the applied force F in Newtons required to make the two boxes accelerate up the ramp at 2.2 m/s2 ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Assume both boxes can receive the same applied force, so treat them as 1 mass:

    m = 25+10kg = 35kg

    The opposing weight force down the ramp is

    f0 = m*g*sin(30) = 35*9.81*0.5 N = 171.7 N

    The accelerating force up the ramp is

    f1 = m*a = 35*2.2 N = 77.0 N

    So the required applied force is F = f0 + f1 = 249 N (3 s.f.)

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