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If you video tape a police officer stalking you off duty?

and you visit their police station to file a complaint...but the police deny it and say that you are mental

Then you play the video for them and show other evidence...

what will happen to the officer and the police station that tries to cover things up?

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    Don't shoot with just a camera.

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    Well, it depends.

    IF you have an honest police department, they will be charged unless they can show reason for "stalking" you. But, from my experience, there are very few honest cops out there, so... They don't need the bad press, so they won't do anything unless you cause a big stink about it, like talking with the press or whomever controls the police department (city/state/etc.).

    Dishonest police won't do anything for the same reason. Bad press hurts them and their funding, so...

    However, being male, you are more likely to be told that you are under "investigation" for drug trafficking or something, and they can get by with it. If you were a hot female, say about 16 years old, then it would be harder for them to justify as it could be true stalking vs. "investigation."

    In the past, pre-9/11, you could report police misconduct to the FBI, in charge of ALL police departments, and they would investigate it to see if there was actually any abuse. But, since terror and drugs are all they care about today, they rarely consider anything and just say "sue them."

    But, IF you are really lucky, the officer may be suspended, with or without pay, for a period of time. Depending on the cause of his/her actions. The bigger departments may be able to do it without having any problems, but little ones, in small towns, face pressure about such actions and bad press.

    Sadly, not too long ago, there was some controversy about videotaping police officers. I think it went in our favor, the citizens, and said it was OK, but it wouldn't hurt to check. It may only apply to on duty taping, or it may mean any taping. But, if s/he was OFF duty, then it will be an issue either way (for the police) as they are not to "work" off duty. While they are technically "on" duty all the time, they must log what they do and when. In some ways, this works like it does for a citizen working off the clock. Hopefully, nothing will come down on you (charges for filming the cop) and he will stop.

    I had a case similar to this back in the 1980s, where an "off-duty" State Trooper was "stalking" my family. This was before the term, of course, but it was still fitting. He claimed, as he always did, that it was observation for a crime. But, later down the road, he was busted for breaking into homes that he was supposed to be watching for the owners who were out of town. The reason it went on for so long is that it was his ex-wife and her "live-in" men who were actually entering the houses and he was just the look-out. After that, I became persona non grata with the police (all) because I felt he was breaking the law. As far as I know, there are only three (3) mostly honest cops on the three departments that we have where I live. :(

  • Take your tape to the prosecutors office in the county where the officer works. The prosecutor will take care of it, without the police having a chance to interfere.

    Source(s): Years working as a paralegal.
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  • dooopo
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    8 years ago

    Theyll say hes doing his job.......PISSING PEOPLE OFF. Im stalked by them a lot to they go by slow when they see me and slow past my house all the time all because i called a cop gay but using the other word for it.

    What they will really say is he is patrolling and you have nothing to worry about at less your doing something illegal. load of crap

  • Luke
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    8 years ago

    if you film in public area its not illegal, but if you film at the police station you cant.

  • 8 years ago

    Internal affairs will step in and investigate his actions.

  • 8 years ago

    you must be doing something that the officer was staking you out for information about your activities.

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