Is it the 5-hour energy or the college course load that's causing me to be unhappy?

So usually I joke around a lot and am pretty happy most of the time, but have been writing a paper or prepping for a test every day now for the past 2-3 weeks and have 2 more weeks to go. I have also been drinking a 5-hour every other day to help me keep up and get work done. I'm feeling very serious, easily irritated, and not as enthusiastic. Is this just because of finals? or am I feeling side-effects from 5-hour energy other possible causes?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sometimes, you can become overstimulated and on a "high" & you will eventually crash in some way and at some time.

    Too much caffeine can make you irritable.

    You may become dependent on such strong amounts of it. that you will then become immune so it will be one a day then 2 a day and even maybe 3.

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