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What type of men's jammer is known to make your butt look really nice? - 10 pts best answer?

So I'm buying a swimsuit, looking at the Nike techno camo swimsuit jammer and a few others. Are there any brands for mens swimsuits out there that are known to make your butt look really nice? I already have a nice butt, so I guess I'm just trying to "accent" it. :) I'm really looking into black and like simple looks, but don't mind other patterns. Just wondering if some brands are known for making it more pronounced. Any suggestions? 10 points for best answer.


Had to edit this.. maybe I wasn't clear enough. I don't really care about the pattern or color. So the fact that the guy answered "stick with plain black" is probably 100% of the answer I'm NOT looking for at all. I obviously have eyes and I'm into fashion, I don't care about patterns. This is more about the overall FIT of the swimsuit. Please no stupid answers.

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    If you have a nice shaped butt, any brand will work. If you have a flat, or big, or oddly shaped butt... no brand will make it look better.

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    None. Just stick with plain black

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