Why does our disgusting society believe in social norms?

Whenever I eat alone at a food place, why is it that it would be seen as completely abhorrent for me to push my chair out and sit next to a girl WITHOUT others blatantly listening into our conversation? And YES you do. Don't deny it.

Are you really that ******* pathetic that you JUST have to listen to when people meet each other?

You just HAVE to stay within your cliques right society? If you've ever traveled outside of this country, you'd see a MUCH different way in which people converse with one another.

Most Europeans don't walk in groups, they walk alongside each other. I was born and raised in the U.S., and every breathing second I see people who are too selfish who only care for themselves subconsciously.

Enjoy your Christmas as holes.

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  • Julie
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    8 years ago
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    Please give consideration to moving to Europe, if you do then you will not be annoyed by the rest of us.

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