Please give me an Acronym to remember the blood vessels that carry blood to kidneys.?

The proper order in which blood passes through these vessels.

Renal Artery,

Interlobar Artery,

Arcuate Artery,

Cortical Radiate Artery,

Afferent Arteriole,


Efferent Arteriole,

Peritubular Capillary.

So the beginning letter of each blood vessel is RIACAGEP.

I am trying to remember these blood vessels in order, please give me an acronym that will go with this.

Thank you!

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    I believe the question wasn't very clear. Sure, arteries take blood faraway from the heart, and veins return blood to the heart. Nevertheless, how does the center acquire its nutrients? The guts has coronary arteries which trace the center and offer nutrient alternate to cardiac muscle. Blood drift via coronary arteries happens on the whole for the period of diastole (when the heart is relaxing), and if there are blockages in these arteries, a man or woman has a excessive chance for heart attack.

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