How do i move on from this girl? please help?

She was all i ever thought about, and well, things didn't work out. and since i have been talking to her since summer, i have no idea how to start with another girl anymore? Im in high school, and its private so i'm not crazy about the girls i go to school with, how do i get "back in the game" or whatever? Im also kinda shy, so how do i like, make myself not shy when meeting new girls? Also, i go to school with the last girl. But where can i go to find more girls? and would it be good to bring friends with me? or should i ask a girl what the best way to find girls is?

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  • 8 years ago
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    If she has gotten little sister seduce her dont be shy at all be a virtual shite hole totally blunt fink ya stand in the centre of the world but have and try to earn some selfrespect its always good for ya and in high school ya could get some girls quite cheap like for five quids some time cuz the girls in high school havent gotten lot of money and they always need alot

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