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Lose belly fat help!?

I'm 16 years old and I have a verryyyy big belly that's really frustrating. I weigh 80 KG all fat probably . I go gym but don't know how to lose weight. People are telling me 'intensive' running. Can someone plz elaborate and tell me in some detail what to do and how long it will take (fastest way would be best) thankssss

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    Sorry but there is no "fast" way to lose weight. It's not only exercise you have to worry about, it's also poor diet. Don't stop eating because your metabolism will be so slow you will gain weight! Eat normal portions but try to burn more calories than you eat. I would start with walking quickly or jogging before you start running. But you also have to do stomach exercise and leg exercises to tone the muscle. You don't even need a gym for that! It will take a few weeks to a month or so before you see real change. I just do leg and stomach exercises 4 times a week I found online and my boyfriend noticed my shrinking waist before I did! Good luck!

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