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Little Big Planet Vita help?

I'm working on a racing level for Little Big Planet Vita, and I have everything figured out, except laps. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make laps?

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    Youtube a video of it.

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    LBP will very last you a lot, a lot longer. with the means to make degrees, play new degrees, and connect pals conveniently. this is a very ingenious pushed recreation. favor for velocity, is a racing recreation, that you'll be able to play by, a pair of times with out turning out to be bored, yet when you study the tracks. it would want to get extremely dull. i have performed both, besides the undeniable fact that the question is do you want a speedy trill and short tale, a great time waster? (favor For velocity) or do you want an enduring recreation, besides the undeniable fact that this is amazingly creativetly pushed? (Little massive Planet) in the adventure that your no longer ingenious, or don't love plat-formers, favor for velocity. in the adventure that your searching for a recreation that would very last a lengthy time period, and is ingenious LBP

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