Girls please help me!!!!!!?

I really like this girl. I love her with all my heart, I don't know why but I just do. I never talked to her yet and shes in my Spanish class and I pass by her in the halls many times throughut the day. the first time I saw her was in September and I instantly fell in love. 

I know its not lust because ive thought girls are hot before but I feel different about this one. I think about her all day and I even dream about her talking to me in school and us being in a good relationship. I don't know what to do! I want to start talking to her but I cant now because it will be so awkward I just randomly start talking after like 4 months of seeing her in Spanish and in the halls. 

sometimes we even make eye contact with each other in spanish or in the halls. I just look away really fast when we do though because i dont want her to feel awkward. I dont even know if she likes me as a friend because in october my friend messaged her saying that I think shes cute and that she should break the ice for me. She never replied to him. 

A few days later one of my close friends whose friends with her talked to her to find out what she thinks about me. She told him that shes not looking for a relationship and that I ask y friends to talk to her but i never talk to her directly. The next day I messaged her saying srry and that i did that because i thought she was really pretty and that I was just really nervous to talk to her. After that she said that I should have just talked to her directly instead of asking my friends to talk to her. 

After that I tried talking to her on facebook again a few days later but she never replied. so then I gave up and tried moving on to this girl who liked me. But I couldn't do it and stopped talking to that other girl too because my feelings for this girl where to strong. If i should try with her how should i do it? im not the hottest or most smooth. but i reall like her, how should i try talking to her and is there anything else i should do? Plus none of my friends are in my Spanish class so I can't even use them as an exudes to join in when there talking. Can you give me ways to start talking to we that won't be awkward, because I haven't talked to her in 4 months of knowing her

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i'm in the same boat man, a lot of us are but the best advice i can give you is to be yourself and i know that probably sounds stupid to you but sometimes it pays off a lot better than trying to be someone else and about the eye contact thing apparently girls love it, just as long as it's not too creepy, i'd give it about a two to three second stare and then look away.Maybe you should try to talk to her more in person cause that would make her think you're not that scared to talk to her face to face and it might even boost you're confidence.Sorry if none of this helped, but that's the best I've got.

    p.s try and add a smile with the stare so it's not too weird.

    Merry Christmas!

    Source(s): talking to her- personal experience eye contact- found it out on here yesterday
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