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Swimming Frustration Help?

Hi, I've been swimming for almost 10 years now.

I started competitive swimming 2 years ago.

I have swam almost everyday every year, but my times don't seem to improve at all.

The only thing that seems to improve is my physical appearance which has become very muscular.

I look bigger and stronger than all of my team mates, but they can all go faster than me. They can do 22-23's in their 50 free (SCY), while I still do a 29-30.

What makes them different from me, that allows them to be so much better in the water? Some of them are fat, but still go faster than me. What do they have that I don't have? It really is mind boggling, how I have a better body than all of my team mates, but go slower than them.

How come they can all go so fast? I have been working my butt really hard, but I don't seem to be improving any...

My best times (SCY) are:

50 fly: 0:32

100 fly: 1:17

50 free: 0:29

100 free: 1:08

My goal times are (SCY):

50 fly: 0:25

100 fly: 1:00

50 free: 0:23

100 free: 0:55

What can I do to reach these goals?



I am 16 years old, weigh about 155 lbs, and am 5'9.

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    yeah looks like you are looking at swimming as a power sport rather than technique sport.

    afaik there was a study that showed that the athletes who make it into the olympics had approx 14% less power than those who don't make it into the events.

    Bigger motor doesnt mean faster boat, sleeker design does.

    you can try youtubing swimsmooth

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    It could be a matter of technique. You sound like someone that works hard so I am guessing that is not the problem.

    The most common things would be head position (which affects hips), the catch and ankle flexibility.

    Your head position is the easiest to fix and could make the biggest difference if that is your problem. You should be looking at the bottom of the pool and that will help your hips float up. I would do your kicking sets without a kickboard and hands in the #11 position. Like signalling a touchdown in football. Lay flat on the water while kicking and make sure your hips are floating to the surface. you may need to play with it. A swimmers snorkel would help with this.

    The catch - that is hard to explain - look up EVF, early vertical forearm in google and watch. My guess is that you have bigger problems because I know plenty of fast kids with a bad catch. In the future it will help but probably not right yet.

    Lastly ankle flexibility. If you can not point your toes far enough, you will go slow. I have seen some boys with poor flexibility and can not point their feet to the point they can move backwards when they kick. To fix this work on stretches that help you point your toes farther. Should be able to improve this part in 4-6 weeks.

    Those are just some of the many problems, but they are pretty common ones. Can't really help more without seeing your stroke.

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