Boyfriend said he loved me... In my dream?

I haven't told him I love him in real life. We haven't reached that point yet, but I care for him immensely. He's going through a rough patch with his family. Doesn't get along with his sister, his parents are getting a divorce, and he's stressed, hasn't been able to find a steady job in maybe a year. I've made him my world, my focus, I've never felt so strongly for someone. He won't accept my help so I've given him space but remind him that I'm here to listen, here to talk, here for him always. I think he's just a strong man, I'm not offended. He's 27, and I'm 18, unbalanced I know. But the commitment is there, and I'm mature beyond my years.

My dream was of him telling ME that he loved me. and I was hesitant to say it back but on my dream I smiled and laughed happily, I LOVE YOU right back to him. What can that mean if I hadn't said it out loud on real life? I woke up happy because I remembered it... But then realized quickly it was only a dream.

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    You dreamed of him telling you I love you because that is what you desire. I'm sure he will tell you that he loves you sooner or later. Wait for him to say it. He's been going through a lot so that not what's on his mind lately. Be patient and it'll happen ^^

    Good luck!

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