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my dog died in april help?

I had him ever since I was three and on a Monday. Morning I gave a bone like I did every morning. But he wouldn't eat it which was weird because he loved those bones. I went to school and my mom picked me up saying that dallas was sick. When we got home he was laying on his side with his tounge sticking out and he was abrely breathing. We started crying and petting him telling him he was a good boy. We rushed him to the vet but he was gone by the time we got there. I miss him so much still and we still have his favorite toy. The day before he died we had bought him a toy and he played with it.I still miss him. What do I do?

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    You are still grieving. It's OK. Everyone grieves in their own time and way. You didn't lose a dog, you lost a beloved family member and friend. I wish I could tell you how long you will feel sad about this but, no one can because everyone grieves differently. I don't know if you are religious or not but, I believe with my entire heat and soul that dogs go to Heaven. Just know that one day, when it is your turn to go, he will be there waiting for you. Happy, healthy and no longer in pain. You will see him again.

    I know that the memories of him are causing you great pain but, soon, the memories that are hurting so much will one day turn into beautiful and wonderful memories. It just takes time. No one can tell you how much time since everyone handles loss differently but, you will get there. I promise.

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    Ignore bassist cam for one thing he dosn't know anything.

    My guinea pig died a couple of days ago, i was prepared though because he was very old and ill anyway, when i was five my dog died and i was upset and that pain never leaves you but it does fade bassist cam could never have been loved by an animal and never will be (humans included in this) anyone who says that you should learn how to deal with the grief never have felt love, it always hurts to lose somebody dear to you whether it be a dog or a fellow human *internet huggles*

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    That's terrible, sorry to hear this. You should remember that your dog was probably in pain from being sick, so now he's at peace and in a better place. However his memory will always be with you and you should remember the good times with him. It's natural to miss someone, but time will heal everything.

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    Get another dog. My dog died recently as well, and now I have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They make me so happy.

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    I am so very sorry you lost your dog and friend.i know it is hard.I lost mine after 15 years , I will always miss him ,but I rescued a homeless dog, he is a joy to me.I hope you can do the same, so many need homes.Time will heal your pain ,but you will always have his spirit with you.

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    Well the first thing to think is well ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN! Instead of feeling sad just think about how much you'll be happy when you see him in heaven. I know its hard but everyone dies, but know hes still with you.

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    Just deal with it. **** happens. Got to learn how to deal with your pets dying before your parents die.

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