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My friend's dad says she wouldn't get published because she's black?

Is this true? He said black people are only published if they write about "the ghetto."

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well having worked in the industry, I will say that there is some truth in his words. Let me explain: see a great majority of African-American or minority writers do write about certain things and as such, their work is categorized differently than it is for say a white writer. For instance, the majority of black authors generally have their work categorized as "Hood Novels" (something which has earned a negative connotation) if it deals with any aspect of city life that is often familiar with minorities (this generally goes for even if the characters are not hoolums or gangsters but well-respected people). All novels are put into a particular genre and sometimes that genre is based on race. So when something comes along like a book from a black or minority author, they generally have to change their names or play other such tricks so as to not be viewed with biases. For instance have you ever wondered why a great many of female authors these days use initials of their names instead of their actual names: E. L. James or J. K. Rowling (sp). It is because for years women were looked at as inferior in the industry and still suffer through some of that even today. So they change their name to sound like a no sex person. So it is sometimes harder to get published because of the fact that more and more these days the author (and not just the book) is pushed when marketing such a work. An example is that when a publisher first sends you a packet of things to fill out about yourself, they generally ask for back-sleeve pictures and info about you. Now a great majority of authors will appear on their books when before that wasn't the case. So it is harder, but yes they can still get published.

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  • 8 years ago


    He's just confused because the race of an author is only a big deal, if they write about the ghetto.

    He doesn't even know the race of most authors, as their race isn't used to sell the books as authentic.

  • 8 years ago

    That's not true, if she really is a good author, then she would get published just like any other good author would

  • 8 years ago

    Your friend's father is a moron.

    Publishers do not care one whit the gender, race, religion, or sexual preference of an author.

    They concern themselves with one thing and one thing only: marketability. If the book will sell, they will buy it. If it won't sell, they won't buy it. Period.

    How many times have you googled an author to ferret out his or her race prior to purchase?

    ~Dr. B.~

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