I need help picking out a Christmas gift?

It's for my boyfriend and best guy friend. His name is Corey, we have been together since October 26th but unofficial for a few months before that. Also, we have been best friends for about 4-5 years. He is a freshman in college and 18. He loves to play MMORPG's like RuneScape. He is into Aerospace and loves things like rockets and astronautical things. He is a bit nerdy, but he is very sweet to me one on one, and loves to be sarcastic and joke around. I want to get him the Big Bang Theory seasons 1-5 for $70, but I know he doesn't want me to spend a lot on him and his ex girlfriend (And high school sweetheart of 4 years) got him season 1 last Christmas. I know what he is getting me as well, but I want to do good. My present is going to be a blue stuffed/plushie raccoon I wanted that I saw when I went to November fest this year, and maybe some candies. I asked one of our friends, and he said to get a fleshlight. I'm not buying my long distance boyfriend a sex toy. He already has a model rocket. And I believe he has borderlands 2 so that is also out of the question for the time being.

I do not know what to do. I don't want to overdo things because that could send some very wrong signals or scare him away, but I don't want to let his ex's late, and pretty good gift outdo me. I need help. I don't want to spend a lot of money on him, because I don't have it and I know he would feel bad. Any ideas would help, but clothes/perversion is out of the question. Thanks :)

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    7 years ago
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    Christmas is the event when we cannot forget to give gifts to our loved. We expect gifts. We send gifts, and this is how the day is celebrated. There are several different things that you can send to your loved ones on Christmas. The best part all the big as well as small stores, and gift shops give discounts on different products in the month of December.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    FUN GADGETS for boyfriends, brothers, dads:

    1. Dynaflex Powerball.

    2. Golf GPS.

    3. Finger drums(let their fingers do the drums).

    4. USB missile launcher.

    5. Snowball maker.

    6. Magic wand remote.

    7. Tablet computer floor stand.

    8. USB desktop fan.

    9. Swiss army knife USB.

    10.Tape-to-MP3 converter.

    11.Laser projection keyboard.

    12.Electric scooter.


    For Girls:

    1. Video games for girls

    2. Sims 3 video game.

    3. Game console like a wii and a couple of games.

    4. A Visa credit card with a limited amount of money on it. They can be used at any store.

    5. Electric scooter.

    6. Terry cloth bath robe with matching bath slippers.

    7. Matching nail polish and lip stick.

    8. Kitchen appliances for learning to cook.

    9. Chairs for girls and teen ager girls; click this link, hope it shows:



    Suggestions for others:

    1. A Visa credit card with a limited amount of money on it. They can be used at any store.

    2. Food items such as a large basket of fruit. You can find these at grocery stores when it gets close to Christmas.

    3. Christmas Flowers.

    4. Christmas box of foods such as summer sausages, cheeses, and etc.

    5. Large box of good brand chocolates.

    6. Wine.

    7. DVD movies.

    8. Netflix

    9. Something for the house or bedroom.

    10.Box of frozen rib eye steaks from a mail order steak house. They come in dry ice. Take out the dry ice and put steaks in their box into a freezer.

    11.Crock Pot.

    12.Kitchen electric grill such as the George Foreman type...but there are many more brands to choose from if you wish.

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  • Sam
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    7 years ago

    You should get couple bracelets for both of you! I just got a pair of inexpensive but beautifully well made bracelets today from a leather bracelet shop. They have really cute couple bracelets and my boyfriend loves his! And it's significant because you can wear the bracelets day to day and the leather looks awesome on guys and girls.

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  • Toni
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    4 years ago

    for the girl, a gift card to some store she likes and straight money 4 the guy. people love money and if its in a gift card the can spend it on whatever. like a gift card to target for the boy

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