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What is a electoral college?

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    7 years ago
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    An electoral college is a means of indirectly electing an official -- typically a president.

    While the United States is the primary country that uses an electoral college to elect a president, it is not the only use an electoral college. For example, in Pakistan, they use an electoral college composed of members of the federal and provincial legislatures to elect the president.

    In the US, the electoral college is composed of individuals (electors) who are run for office on a ticket with their presidential and vice-presidential nominees (in many states, the names of the electors) are not even on the ballot, and their sole duty is to vote in the electoral college. Each state gets a number of electors equal to their total representation in the US House and the US Senate. Most states award the state-wide winning ticket all of the electors although two states (Maine and Nebraska) award electors by congressional district. Some other states ware considering going to the system used by Maine and Nebraska, but none have done so.

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  • 7 years ago

    The electoral college is the system the United States of America uses for voting, commonly, the president. What happens basically is, people go to vote in each state. In most states, the candidate who wins the most votes out of the total votes in that state will obtain all of the states electoral votes. Electoral votes are simply the number of votes a certain state has based on representation in Congress. (more people=more votes, look at California, they have 55). So, there are 538 electoral votes in the US right now. This is the total of all the electoral votes from all the states together. In order for a president to win the election, he must obtain 270 of the 538, which is one over the majority. 269x2=538 and because 269 is half, the majority would be right over half. So, in the simplest terms, the electoral is a voting system where each district or state is assigned a certain number of electoral votes based on population and whoever wins the popular vote within the state gets all the electoral votes fro that state. Whoever wins the race to 270, wins the eection in the country.

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  • 7 years ago

    I'm American! The ellectoral college is like this: Say the us has 50 states right? So each state has a given amount of ellectoral votes, depending on population. So If more people vote for the one candidate in a state, all of the electoral votes go to that candidate for that state. In the end the winner is determined by the ellectoral collage (we only use it for presidential ellections)

    :) im in 8th grade civics thats how i know

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