38 weeks pregnant. and dont feel good at all?

Im 38 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I am just recovering from a cold.

I feel like rubbish today and im really in pain...

I have got back ache, pains in the bottom of my belly, and pains in my bum lol.

I also feel very hot and fustrated.

has this happened to anyone else? x

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  • 7 years ago
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    i think most pregnant woman go through this i know i did and i hated it but my midwife said it wasn't anything to worry about just the causes of pregnancy but if you are ever worried you need contact your midwife or doctor asap

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  • 4 years ago

    I had identical signs when I went into labor...Trust me, regularly, you don't go into labor except your water breaks. 4 days before I had my daughter, I went to my health care professional's appointment. I was 2cm dialated. She informed me it was a good thing she was once on name all weekend in view that she mentioned she'd be amazed if I used to be in for my appointment the next week. My husband and i did so much running. Two days later, I began contracting. I might had braxton hicks for a good a part of my pregnancy so I just watched the clock. They began like braxton hicks however they obtained superior and closer. I instructed my husband and he's like "Let's do some extra walking" through that afternoon, I called my health practitioner on account that they had been 30 minutes apart. She mentioned "Go to the ER when they are about 10-7 minutes. I'll be amazed if you're now not in by using 10pm" I was once like "ok. We probably having a child tonight". I checked into the ER at 9:30pm. I was nonetheless having contractions. They checked me. I hadn't converted in 4 DAYS! They let me labor for just a little whille then checked me once more. Still no exchange. They made up our minds to ship me house. No had the nurse left to get my discharge papers then I felt a gush down there. I instructed my husband to get the nurse. My water broke. The nurse stated I wasn't going wherever now. It started to choose up from there. Twelve hours later, we had our child woman. Sometimes it takes 4 days and routinely it begins once the water breaks. It will come, honey. Hang in there!!! Recall, walking helps immensely. If nothing else, it is going to support you refocus your mind and it makes labor simpler.

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