Import music from ipod to itunes 11?

So my old mac crashed. The motherboard got messed up and it is no longer usable. Therefore, I lost most of my data including my music. I do have my music on my ipod though and I am wondering how do I import my songs onto my new mac?

There are many instructions on how to do it but no instructions (that I found) that work with the new iTunes 11. If anyone knows how to do it (preferably for free), that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :D

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Ok. You did not loose your music, photos, etc. They were not on your computer. All of these are saved to your iTunes account. Therefore, when you plug it into your new computer, just sign into your iTunes account and you will be set. It won't have to download the music again.

    Source(s): Personal Knowledge
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