How to download Garmin or any other GPS (Australia map) on Nokia C5-03?

Appreciate if someone can show me how to download the Garmin or any other GPS on Nokia C5-03. I need to download the Australia map.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you have an old version of Sygic maps then you can download the Australia map (which is from TomTom). However I recommend that you install Ovi Maps 3.06 for your phone and download the Australia maps from the device, as these are the maps I am using now and they are very accurate.

    Source(s): My Nokia C7
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You're going to definately must purchase a paper map. There are no excellent Garmin maps for Costa Rica. I'm going down there annually, and each yr I look for maps, and each 12 months, I in finding nothing worth the down load. Certain, there are maps with the important roads... But there aren't too many essential roads, and nothing serving to you while you really want it. You could be a maze of dust roads for hours, with no GPS working map. The best technique to navigate your way through Costa Rica is to carry a just right paper map. There are indicators that point you within the direction of cities and cities. Appear at your paper map, and appear for cities for your map that healthy the signal which are just about where you must go.

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