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Dvi d single link monitor to dvi i dual link graphics card?

im thinking about buying HP 17" LCD Monitor L1740 with DVI D single link, VGA Video Inputs but my graphics card is dvi i dual link will this work? please help and thank you

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    yes , it will work , but this implies your graphics card is higher spec than the monitor. DVI-D dual link gives twice the number of TDMS pairs as single link , so effectively can provide twice the video bandwidth.

    If you check out the WIKI entry for DVI-D this will explain how much resolution at 60hz the single link spec will support. Widescreen it will give you 2000x1300 .

    So , assess what you want the monitor for - games ? and how high a resolution you want to run at , then look at the monitor options.

    Source(s): IT support for many years
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