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What Should I Do For My 19th Birthday In NYC?

So my 19th birthday is coming up (the day after New Years specifically), and I need something to do in New York City, (doesn't need to be on that day at all).

I never really do anything for my birthday, but I want to go out and have fun. I want to bring like 10 - 15 of my friends, and all of us look fly and sexy lol. So what are chilled (or Poppin and lively) places to go or things to do in NYC for a group of 18-19 year olds.

And I'll mention again my birthday is during this christmas and new years time which means its cold as hell, so none of those party in the park or pier 66 ideas, id like to live and not freeze to death lmao. Thanks Guys I hope you can help :D

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    I not from NY but maybe going to some trendy restaurant that you've always wanted to go and never been then go chill at a poetry/musical lounge .......idk just a thought

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    I've gotten really great ideas here for everything from cooking to trips, so maybe someone will have some great ideas again.

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