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Help me with my Lexicology tasks, please?

Exercise 1. Single out the denotative and connotative components of meanings of the synonyms.

1. a) At the little lady’ command they all three smiled. b) George, on hearing the story grinned.

2. a) Noticing that they were no longer alone, he turned and again began examining the luster.

b) June had gone. James had said he would be lonely.

3. a) The child was shivering with cold. b) The man shuddered with disgust.

Exercise 2. Within the following synonymic groups single out words with emotive connotations.

1. fear – terror – horror. 2. love – admire – adore – worship. 3. alone – single – solitary – lonely.

Exercise 3. Classify the synonyms in two columns according to: a) degree (intensity) of the referent; b) brief or lengthy duration of the referent.

1. Cry, weep, sob. 2. Worship, love, adore, admire. 3. Glance, gaze, glare, stare. 4.Cold, cool, chilly. 5. Vast, immense, large.

Exercise 4. Find the dominant synonym in the following groups of synonyms. Explain your choice.

1. to glimmer – to glisten – to blaze – to shine – to sparkle – to flash – to gleam.

2. strange – quaint – odd – queer.

3. scent – perfume – smell – odour – aroma.

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