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I don't like to hear people do anything?

I hate hearing people cough! I even tell them to shut up, I know its rude but it drives me nuts. My brother is sick right now and he keeps coughing and I just want to throw him out of a window when I hear him. I don't even want to hear my friends cough. There are other things, like I can't stand it when people sniff a lot, like when they are sick or something. I also hate when people are talking. It gives me head achs. Can someone tell me whats going on, its getting to the point where I don't even want to be around people anymore.

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    Everybody has something that bothers them. For me, it's the sound of really annoying laughter (which sounds horrible to hate hearing people laugh), high-pitched voices, low-pitched voices, the sounds of basketballs, the sound of loud breathing, snoring, and the sound of bass guitars. For me, it's because I have terrible anxiety about almost everything and somehow it spikes it and makes me very stressed out. Maybe it's like that for you too, I'm not sure.. everybody's different! One time, my little neighbor kid was bouncing his basketball EVERY. DAY. for about 5 hours a day. I couldn't (and would never do this) go there and punch him, so I punched a wall instead.

    My point is... everybody has their thing. It's normal to hate things. Being able to control yourself is different! I suggest you talk to a counselor (I think everybody should have somebody they can talk to). If there's an underlying condition, it could definitely cause your hatred for coughing. Maybe you had a terrible past experience with coughing!

    Good luck with everything

  • You either are not well, low energy, or very nervous or upset about things bc otherwise

    this stuff would not bother you like it is.

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