World of Warcraft Cap/Hard Cap/Soft Cap?

I'm getting back into WoW after several months. I realized that I don't know much about WoW, which is extremely confusing for me.

I wanted to know about "caps"? I did research but no one was really clear about it :/

What is a hard cap, soft cap, and a cap? What's the difference between the three? Please answer in an uncomplicated way, haha. If possible, please provide some examples. I missed Azeroth, haha. Thank you! ^_^

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  • 8 years ago
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    Soft caps are the bare minimum of what required. Like you need a certain percentage of hit rating in order to attack bosses in dungeons and raids.

    The hard cap is the percentage an attribute can go where it cannot get higher despite how much rating you out into that attribute.

    Say 500 resilience rating is the hard cap for resilience. You will only be able to get the percentage of 500 resilience rating even if you have 700, once you go to the hard cap of something, getting more of that attribute won't give you anything.

    Examples of attributes with caps:

    Spell pen

    Hit rating




    I don't know what the caps the 500 resilience was a hypothetical.

    Source(s): Played up until cata
  • 8 years ago

    Example: Warrior (90)

    Soft cap 7.5% this is ok for raiding

    Cap 8% Where you want to be.

    hard cap any value above 8% is consider hard cap ar this point you can reforge hit into crit or another useful stat.

    Source(s): has some pretty good info on caps, feorges, spec, gems etc. you should check them out if you need more info on stats
  • Lankey
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    8 years ago

    Hard cap is the absolute maximum your stat can be

    Soft cap is the most practical amount you need to do your job very well.

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