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does deregulation just mean that monopolists will no longer be accountable for their deeds?

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    It's a little more sinister than that. With deregulation, the tool or understanding of what should be implemented as law was lost. edit: Without the security blanket of the protocol, the agencies responsible for upholding legal standards, failed to do their jobs effectively. The economic and legal system as a result then is best represented by a caste Republic. The professionals required to guarantee consumer protection standards, with prestanding laws that guaranteed the same protections, were lost with how to enforce consumer protection laws. Instead the remaing shell of consumer protection agencies collected overhead, paid out salaries and the agencies simply did nothing to guarantee consumers/citizens interests.

    In effect, the answer to your question is, "yes". But it was due to defunct federal & State government which brought us the economic crash of 2008 which was anticipated and predicted according to fiscal projections related to policies that were put into effect in the 90's. 9/11 was a huge distraction that destablized our country and the people--thus rendering the population incapable of sustaining our rights.

    This type of transition has occurred thousands of times over the course of history, very few nations ever recover from such a transition. The elements of the Fall of Capitalism.

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    The left wants to go to trickle down government. They have the idea that government knows best or that government is something of a god. It is a foolish idea that big government can solve any problems because nowhere in history is there an example of big government and prosperity.

    Look what happened with all the money spent on so-called green energy. Solyandra cost about half a billion and they went bankrupt as soon as they had spent all the government money. The people got nothing.

    Look at ethanol--it is bad for you car motor, bad for the environment and jacks up food and gasoline prices and eats up tax money. You could make pure gasoline out of coal for $2 per gallon, which is much cheaper than ethanol, yet the elite in DC have pushed this off on us.

    The government is even telling us now what kind of light bulb we can have in our private homes.

    We are over-regulated and the Democrats are piling on more rules and regulations to go with big borrowing, big taxing, big printing of worthless paper money, and big spending. It is the Democrats who want a monopoly over the lives of everyday ordinary Americans. And the sad thing is that millions of people don't mind slavery as long as it is slavery to the state as if the state were a daddy who knows best.

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