Israel-palestine conflict history?

Could anyone, very short, tell me the background of the palestina-israel conflict? Please don't go far back in time, but just what has happened the last maybe 20-30 years.

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    8 years ago
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    Going back only 30 years, that is not enough for you to understand the situation. You have to go back at least 200 years. The British conquers the Ottoman Empire because they come from Europe which have develop firearms at the time and any non European countries were way over matched by the European countries namely Britain did most of the world conquest in the modern day times. Palestine was in this area of the Ottoman Empire, it was empty and left alone by the British for 150 years since it was conquered.

    The U.S.S.R kicked the Jews out because they overthrow governments so they can be in power and in Germany they have a lot of influence and they are resented. People such as the Jews and Arabs settle in it, but the Arabs ruled it and they were in the majority. Under Arab rule, Jews and Arabs live among each other. Jews live there without harassment when the land was under Arab rule however the British decided that Jews should have their own homeland and so part of Palestine was maded into Israel. Over 700, 000 Arabs were kicked out and their homes burned and destroyed so that over 700, 000 Jews can move in; because of this injustice, many Arab countries were in sympathy the Arab Palestinians. The Jews were given land because of the alleged Holocaust at the hands of Germany in World War 2, the Arab Palestinians had nothing to do with this alleged event and they were punished. Zionist Jews keep bringing up the Holocaust story to justify the land they receive.

    The Arabs countries did try to help the Arab Palestinians reclaim their land but failed thus Israel received more even more land until Israel is becoming what Palestine once was. The Arab countries that is helping Arab Palestinians which failed but the Arabs were told to put their guns down to the Jews, but of course you know that is not going to happen. It is still getting bigger in present times. Jews are taking over some of the settlements for Arabs and making it their own. Under the Zionist Jews rule, steel fences are set to separate Jews from living among Arab people. When the area was under Arab rule, everybody lived peacefully together but under Jewish rule, that is not the case. The Jews harasses the Arabs in Israel and push around its Arab neighors from outside of Israel itself, she occupies the lands nearby even though it is not label as Israel, she could do this because the United States is a friend of Israel and therefore many its many vices are overlooked and not punished.

    The problem is that Britain decides that Palestine is not an legitimate countries because she conquer that area even though she does not make that area part of the British nation, she just makes rules for everyones' else, that is the source of conflict the Israel / Palestine issue. The problem is bought to the attention of the United Nation but this organization serves the interest of the European countries that help reset the world boundaries at the expense of the rest of the world. Again matters being decide by people outside the area whose are decide how other people are to live, which is not how they would set up their own boundaries.

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    I'll start from 1948 onwards.

    1. UN and British settle Jews into Palestine

    2. Palestinians get angry at the proposed land division because the Jews got 56% while the Palestinians got less.

    3. Palestinians reject the land offer and they get nothing.

    4. Arabs attack and lose, Israel grabs more land, etc.

    5. Conflicts between the Gazans/West Bank and Israel.

    6. Recently Israel attacked Gaza because of rocketfire.

    7. Even more recently, the leaders in the West Bank go to the UN for observer status. They win the VAST amjority of the vote.

    And thats about the least biased report you will get.

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    After WW2 and all of the dead Jews that HItler massacred, the world determined that the Jews needed a native land. SO as an alternative of giving them a place in Germany, they determined "good day why now not give them Palestine?" who cares if there are a bunch of brown-skinned persons already living there? Alas, in contrast to the NAtive americans who had the equal thing occur to them, The Palestinians didn't go away. To place matters in point of view, seeing that the 1940's much less then 3000 Israeli's have been killed by Palestinians, 300 Palestinians have been killed through Israel within the final week

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    West gifts Palestinian's land to Israelis because of so-called Holocaust. Jews migrated from all around the world and occupied Palestine. Palestinians are defending from their lands against Israeli occupiers.

    Israel fights with west's weapon and Palestinians before 15yrs ago by stones. After that, some Muslim country give Palestinians weapon to deference from themselves.

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  • 8 years ago

    You want the short version ? Hamas attacks Israel, Israel kicks their @ss ! That's been going on since before Yassar Arafat represented the Palestinians. The best hope the Palestinians have ever had was when Abbas and Fatah was able to sit down and discuss matters with the Israeli government, something Hamas has never been able to do.

  • 8 years ago

    Impossible to limit the animosity between these two people to the history of only 20-30 yrs.

  • Anonymous
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    israel gets alloted the gaza strip & their 340sqr mile piece of land 'israel' in 1948

    the palestinians start their nuke-program in early 70s

    people like yassir arrafat & others try to attack israel 70s & 80s.

    israel gets stripped on the gaza-strip (2000-'01)

    Source(s): this isn't history section. that's in arts & humanity. it's a sub-section. good luck ª_ª
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    The Muslim countries turned their backs on Palistine and Israel Gave them land sense then The Muslims have continued to kill the jews for doing that.

    You did say you wanted the truth right?

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    "Roadmap to Peace" - Israel offered "palestine" two very large areas of land. After giving them the first one, the "palestinians" immediately started lobbing bombs over the new border at Israel and tunneling underground to kidnap them. WTF?

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