Page numbers when referencing a journal or book?

I am writing an essay using using Harvard referencing style and at the moment I am compiling my bibliography. I just have a question about how to read the full length reference properly.

For example, take the following reference:

Haynes B, Pantaleo G,Fauci A. Toward an understanding of the correlates of protective immunity to HIV infection. Science 1996; 271: 324-8

After 'Science 1996' it reads 324-8, does this mean from page 324 to page 328?

If so, does that mean that if it read 324-38 it would mean from page 324 to page 338?


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    8 years ago
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    Hmmm. I'm not familiar with the Harvard System of referening, so I did some research. According to the webpage I found, page numbers are to be included in the in-text reference and not in the reference list or bibliography.

    Go to On that site, see 'Reference List or Bibiliography' under 'General Introduction' and 'Page Numbers' under 'Citing References In-Text.'

    From what I'm seeing, you would enter '(Haynes, Pantaleo and Fauci, 1996, pp. 324-8)' for pages 324 through 328 inclusive or '(Haynes, Pantaleo and Fauci, 1996, pp. 324-38)' for pages 324 through 338 inclusive.

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    4 years ago

    e book titles prefer to be in italics. web page numbers in the journey that they are articles, not books. From what i visit remember with articles you position the mag identify in italics really than the object identify.

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