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How can I enduce labor at home?

I am not looking for judgment I am strictly looking for ways to enduce labor at home. I am 33 weeks and have been having so much pelvic pressure that I nearly cry. My doctor says there is nothing wrong and the baby is fully developed. I have been researching online different ways to enduce labor at home naturally and I was wondering what has worked for you. This is my sixth delivery but my second child. I was a serogant mother for four children. I have a tendency to give birth early as it is and I just want to know my options. Again do not judge me or lecture me. Thank you

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    yup. walking helps and having sex (because the sperm has prostoglains (idk if i spelled that right?) that induce labor). and i've heard castor oil. also eating spicy foods can sometimes do it. but i agree he/she will come when ready! :) good luck

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    I'm not trying to be judgmental just honest. even if you do happen to manage to induce labor at just 33 weeks, the second you go to the hospital the will do everything in their power to stop it. Baby is not done cooking yet. The best thing you can do is just keep your feet up and wait it out.

    Your baby is far from being fully developed yet. And if your doctor says otherwise then I strongly advise you to get a new one.

    Source(s): Mom of a preterm baby who's spent tons of time in a nicu.
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    I have attempted the intercourse factor,jogging(adding up and down stairs) consuming pineapple,highly spiced meals! NOTHING! If your little one isn't capable then I do not suppose any of the ones will paintings! Which sucks! I heard someplace even though that a girl attempted the whole lot to urge her exertions and not anything was once operating! She begged her midwife to her set off her! The midwife advised her she was once stressing herself out and he or she had to pass residence have her husband watch her different youngsters and take a few Tylenol PM and loosen up and sleep and now not suppose approximately whatever! She awoke a couple of hours later and he or she was once in exertions! I wish your buddy is positive!! Tell her well good fortune!!

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    you can move around a lot such as: dancing, cleaning, take a short walk. they say you can also have sex to enduce labor. but yet again the baby will come when he/she is ready lol wish you luck

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    Sex, pinapples, spicy food, going up and down stairs, walking around constantly. All I can think of lol

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