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Comedy Movies, Please?

Any good comedy movies?

Something like the Hangover, 21 Jump Street?

Top 10 List please

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    I don't know how old you are - so some of these movies may have been a little before your time, but they were the best!

    Office Space - A funny movie about life in an office cubicle

    Idiocracy - man frozen in time for 500 years and is the smartest man on the planet (saturday night live cast)

    Half Baked - Four friends (all famous comedians irl) share an apartment and one gets arrested for accidentally killing a diabetic horse, and they have to raise bail money

    Meet the Parents - Ben Stiller and Robert Deniro

    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - Two high school students who are destined to bring intergalactic peace through music are in danger of flunking out of school and George Carlin travels back in time to help them get A's on their history presentation by traveling through time and kidnapping historial figures.

    Ace Ventura: the Pet Detective - The first was the greatest!

    There's Something About Mary - A young mans prom date with the girl of his dreams is ruined when he accidentally gets his zipper stuck in her house ('how'd you get the beans above the frank?') and years later, he hires a private investigator to find her, and finds out several other guys are crazy about her too.

    Analyze This - A mobster (Robert Dinero) has a panic attack and sees a therapist to fix it before other mobsters think he went soft.

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Frumpy girl gets a makeover and meets a non-Greek. Introducing him to the family is difficult for her, but hilarious.

    The Whole Nine Yards - A retired hitman Jimmy the Tulip (Bruce Willis) moves next door to a dentist, whose wife is looking to hire a hitman to kill her husband for the life insurance.

    Road Trip - College student accidentally mails a video to his girlfriend of him cheating on her, and has to gather friends, a cheap car, and whatever gas money they could find to drive across the country to stop her from getting the mail.

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