What is wrong with the electrical system in my car?

I have a 2006 Ford Mustang V6. i got it about a year ago and I put two ten inch 1000w sub-woofers in along with an amp and a double din head unit (touchscreen). And i do play them loud sometimes and it shakes the car. After about two months with that stuff in I got a new battery because the old one died (original battery). So now today i was driving my car around today and it was fine (about 50 miles). i pulled into my drive way and my touch screen started turning on and off. so i turned off the car because that resets the head unit. well i went to turn the car on and it cranked once and then started making a fast clicking noise. so i went inside my house and came back out ten minutes later and the car started (slower than usual). but the same thing happened. the screen went out then the headlights and then the dash board lights but he car was still running. so i shut it off. then a couple minutes later i tried to start it again and it cranked very slowly and then finally started. all the lights came on and then the went screen went out but the head lights stayed on for a little while so i turn them off. however, when you turn the headlights on in my car the dials in the dash board turn green but when i turned the headlights off this last time the dials stayed green and then in about a minute went dark. so anything that need electricity in the car was off. the funny part is when you turn the car off the reading lights come on and then go off when you lock the doors like they are supposed to.

i am looking for ideas for what could be wrong and i would have a hard time believing its the battery because it is less than 10 months old!


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    You need to call the manufacturer of your amperage sucking amplifier and sub-woofers to ask them how much larger *amperage-wise your alternator must be to keep all your new electrical toys happy.

    You could have a trunk full of the most expensive high amp batteries in the world and they'd still go flat without a *big amperage mother load of an alternator to keep them charged up and provide super amperage.

    Volts only stretches far enough till the batteries go flat. AMPERAGE runs every electrical system on the car when the engine and alternator are running.

    Source(s): Alignment suspension and brake shop.
  • IMHO, you're sucking energy out of your battery faster than the car's electrical charging system can replace it. Try turning the volume down to a reasonable roar, and see if the next battery lasts longer.

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    even as many circuits are going undesirable, you commence with the battery connections. examine the battery connections - the cable from the detrimental submit to the motorcar floor might want to be undesirable. There might want to be an outstanding form of corrosion contained in the cable connector on the battery terminal. Or the cord contained in the cable has labored loose or is broken. replacing the cable treatments that difficulty. the relationship to the motorcar body might want to be corrorded. try eliminating that cable thoroughly, sand the parts on the motorcar body and on the cable connector to make sparkling sparkling connections. then you definitely also seem at your alternator. The cable connectors there might want to be loose too. The alternator might want to desire to be bumped off and its mounting section wiped clean of dirt and dirt.

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    8 years ago

    sounds like your battery did you buy a higher rated amp hour battery because it sounds like you need one to power the amps.

    good luck

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